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Rex Draconis RPG brings D&D novelist legend Richard A. Knaak's brand new high fantasy series, the Rex Draconis Saga, to the tabletop.  Using the D&D 5th Edition (OGL) ruleset, Rex Draconis RPG books take players through the exciting yet dangerous lands of Tiberos.

War is afoot in Tiberos, is your band of unlikely heroes ready for the challenge?

Rising Tides: War of Tides adventure 1

War is brewing in Tiberos, of which the free human kingdoms and the Minotaur Empire are blissfully unaware. The wheyr are gathering in force to the north, urged by a godly presence. Their motive is unknown, but genocide is the way of the wheyr.

In this adventure, the characters sail the high seas, travel the dangerous wilds to the north, encounter bold and interesting personalities, and uncover a plot that thickens with every step of their journey.

Can your band of heroes stem the rising tides?

Based on the a living and running fantasy novel series by one of D&D's bestselling authors (Dragonlance), Richard A. Knaak's - Rex Draconis saga.

Note: These RPG books are produced in conjunction with the active novel line written by Richard A. Knaak. The novels aren't required to use/enjoy the RPG, but it does allow interaction with favorite novel Chars which adds to some of the charm. The RPG is a separate story that interestingly crosses paths with the novel line, but not having read the books is in no way a barrier to the RPG content.

Rex Draconis novels by Richard A. Knaak:


Buy Now$10.95 USD or more

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